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Our Future School 
Core Academic Principles


College Readiness

Our academic programming will align with the ACT college readiness standards and the North Carolina Standard Course of Study state requirements. Students will experience personalized learning to engage in extended day programming, double period Math and English, Saturday Academy, Summer camps, Academic Boot Camps, Academic Tutoring, Project Based Learning and Experiential learning


Career and Business Preparation

Students will engage in hands on activities, job shadowing, financial and economic literacy, seminars, workshop, enrichment camps, mentoring, monthly leadership series, guest speakers and community lectures. Students will also utilize their strength through a Personality to further develop their career interest and exploration and social emotional learning assessments to prepare for the global citizenry.

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Intergenerational  Leadership Principles

Students will engage in a leadership development curriculum, leadership conferences, retreats and seminars. Students will experience both cultural and college visitation, discipleship, character development and leading across multiple generations.  In addition, students will serve in various leadership roles through various enrichment programs including the Arts, STEAM, Cultural diversity dialogue, lifestyle, athletics, student government, academic clubs and entrepreneurship


Social Justice Development

Each year, students will design and implement a social justice project to address an issue within their community using several curriculum options including but not limited to Teaching Tolerance. Students will implement a four-part project including a research paper, the project, the portfolio, and the multimedia/oral presentation.

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