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Did You Know 


Black students receive the most short term suspension

(NC Dropout report 2016-2017)

About Us

"Ending fatherless generations by preparing young males for Enrollment, Enlistment, Entrepreneurship Employment and Empowerment”

The Brotherhood of Excellence Academy is an Educational Center with a vision of every male discovering and fulfilling their authentic destiny.


Our Academy will transform young males from traditionally, underserved populations through a high quality, engaging college preparatory program that results in closing the opportunity gap and graduates succeeding in college and life

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Belief Statement 

We Believe: 

  • In creating a sense of belonging within the Brotherhood of Excellence Academy by fostering equitable, diverse, inclusive, safe spaces for brave authentic, courageous conversations with teachable moments, recognizing, acknowledging, and valuing our students, families, partners, board members, stakeholders, and guests as individuals with their own lived experiences and perspectives 

We Believe: 

  • In collaboration and transparency within The Brotherhood of Excellence Academy through equitable policies, procedures, practices, and positions, free from questionable behaviors that go against our organization’s bylaws thus impacting the communities we serve 


We Believe:

  • In the Brotherhood of Excellence Academy Administration Staff, students, families, partners, board members, stakeholders, and guest in having access and opportunities for fulfilling their purpose in life, family, and work 


We Believe: 

  • In teaching and training our students and families about their authentic history, advocating for social justice and taking a stance against inequities and injustices, without violating our bylaws, while creating a sense of self-awareness, leadership, and moral character to become agents of change and impacting future generations of Leaders 

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